DDEC is an accredited ASC!

As August wraps up we’d like to share with you something exciting about the month! National ASC week was noticed from August 8th-12th and DDEC is recognized as an accredited ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center). There are only 122 Medicare-Certified ASCs in Illinois and we are honored to be one of them! Being an ASC allows for quality patient care and patient satisfaction.

What are the benefits of being an ASC you ask?

-ASCs have saved Medicare $2.3 billion each year by doing some of the most common procedures outside of the hospital setting

-Patient convenience 

-Ability to focus on each individual’s particular needs

-Lower health care cost

-Reduced stress for patients

-More efficient scheduling to enable shorter length of stay

-Comfortable and safe environment

ASCs continue to lead innovation in outpatient surgical care. The ASC industry has shown itself to be ahead of the curve in identifying promising avenues for improving delivery of health care.

Information provided by: https://www.ascassociation.org




DDEC business office staff